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What we offer

Technology licenses & engineering services for global partners.

ERK executes engineering contracts with plant manufacturers and engineering companies. This lays the groundwork for the transfer of expertise. We provide engineering, research and development services worldwide as well as licences for boilers, including our ERK corner tube boiler and firing systems. The license agreement provides technical support and enables our licensees to manufacture, install and commission equipment according to all global codes and standards.

Boiler Systems
Firing Systems
Tube Systems
Research & Development

ERK services

Improve your business.


We are placed among the top global technology providers for boiler and heater systems, that are independently verified.

Calculation support

We create knowledge through our R&D projects
with partners from the industry, universities, global institutions and by monitoring specialist literature.


Measurement services

We share our knowledge and experience with our contractual partners. Each energy system incorporates the experience of all of ERK®’s partners.

Construction design

License holders have access to our engineering and design services located in the Berlin office. You will always have all the knowledge at your fingertips.