Sustainable development

With more than 1,030 biomass and waste fired boilers and over 270 heat recovery systems installed, we have taken the right steps towards a greener future.

Over the next few decades, global energy systems need to undergo a radical transformation to limit greenhouse gas emissions and the associated consequences of global warming. 

National governments have agreed on a low-carbon energy future. Meanwhile, policies are being developed to manage the transition.

ERK actively participates in this transformation towards the decarbonisation of power and process heat supply. ERK is already on the right path to achieve its contribution to the energy transition.

We expect to further improve our position with the expansion of our renewable energy portfolio and will put a strong focus on energy efficiency. 


Future energy supply

Our four pathways to the decarbonisation of power:

To achieve the target of staying below a 2°C temperature rise we must drastically reduce the amount of CO2 emissions. (green)

Continuing as we have so far would result in a temperature rise of up to 4.8°C. (grey)

To reach the 2°C target, ERK provides the following 4 technologies:

Broad renewable energy portfolio consisting of biomass, concentrated solar thermal, geothermal, power-to-heat and energy from waste technologies as well as thermal energy storage.


Heat recovery systems for a broad range of exhaust gases, from clean gas turbine/engine exhaust to complicated exhaust sources, such as in steel or cement plants.


Multi-fuel boilers to use locally and seasonally available renewable fuels and minimisation of fossil fuel consumption.


Highest efficiency fossil fuel-fired boilers to minimise greenhouse gas emissions in applications where renewable energy sources are not available or viable.