ERK Partner Tools


ERK offers a defined setup on tools as a unique service. You can use themselves in certain areas of calculations and try out.

Fuel Database

ERK provides a fuel database for our licensees that covers a wide range of common and also uncommon fuels (over 1700), including over a thousand types of different biomasses.


Since you are logged in you have access to your calculation and are able to vary some parameters

Firing Capacity

Depending on the heat supply this tool shows the operation range of the whole boiler limited by its given loads, the fuel(s) and / or waste heat supplyment in a diagram.

Quick Calculation Tool

Please find a helpful tool for quickly checking the calculation of general technical aspects of boiler design. This allows reliable results to be determined with few resources, particularly in terms of the balance of the boiler.

Inquiry Form

Please use this tool to make a request for a boiler design. It does not matter if you only want to check the feasibility of a design or if you need a concrete thermal design. Depending on the desired detail, enter your details step by step.