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ERK Energy Systems


With over 6,100 boiler and heater references and more than 80,000 megawatt capacity of installed systems worldwide, ERK has a unique history of design expertise. Sharing and collecting knowledge is at the heart of ERK’s activities.

Our energy system design started in Berlin, in the late 1920s. Today our services are being applied worldwide. We proudly look back at a long history of success. We cover multiple industries and a large variety of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.

Leading technology provider

We are placed among the top global technology providers for boiler and heater systems, that are independently verified.

Cutting edge innovation

We create knowledge through our R&D projects
with partners from the industry, universities, global institutions and by monitoring specialist literature.


Specialist knowledge for partners

We share our knowledge and experience with our contractual partners. Each energy system incorporates the experience of all of ERK®’s partners.

Engineering and design support

License holders have access to our engineering and design services located in the Berlin office. You will always have all the knowledge at your fingertips.


ERK History

The idea of separating steam from a steam-water mixture led to self-supporting boiler structure, known today as ERK boiler.

The foundations for today’s success were laid in the late 1920s by Dr. Heinrich Vorkauf. Back then he was working for La Mont on forced circulation boiler designs. The engineer from Berlin devised a simple yet ingenious device. His findings resulted in an efficient natural-circulation boiler. Originally, his patent was conceived for steam powered motor vehicles, but it was quickly adapted to include also industrial applications. The idea was to enhance water circulation with unheated downcomer tubes and separate the steam from a steam and water mixture, via overflow tubes. These tubes simultaneously formed the perimeter of the system and its supporting structure. Thus, the prototype for today’s ERK Boiler was born. Over the next decades, this principle of a self-supporting, high-calibre boiler was also applied in industrial situations using very different kinds of fuel for very different purposes. ERK‘s technology rapidly acquired an international reputation and presence. ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH reserves all rights relating to the basic technology.


Company profile

Family owned global expertise.

ERK is a privately owned by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Hellwig for more than 20 years. The family ownership has provided long-term stability and reliability, which are cornerstones to the business success.The company is structured into 5 different business segments, being Engineering, Boiler Systems, Firing Systems, Tube Systems and Research & Development. Boiler, firing and tube systems are license products, while engineering services are offered to a broader customer base. Products developed in our R&D department can develop into new business segments, such as ERK Tubes, or are commercialised through our global licensee network. ERK’s engineering team includes young and very experienced engineers from various nations to ensure a healthy combination of new ideas, long term expertise, intercultural expertise and local market understanding. Based on this business model we are looking forward to continue our decades of innovative engineering solutions into the future.


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