Engineering services

Thermal engineering is at the heart of ERK’s business. With more than 6,100 boiler installations & hundreds of engineering contracts we boast unique expertise.

ERK offers a broad range of specialised engineering services. Our aim is to comprehensively support our customers from concept stage to operation and ensure successful operation of their equipment.

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Oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, food processing, pulp and paper, distributed & utility power generation, district heating, sugar industry, solar thermal, manufacturing, marine & offshore

Our engineering services have a strong focus on energy and resources, and were presented the German Award For Natural Resources Efficiency 2016 (Deutscher Rohstoff Effizienzpreis).
Analysis & Optimisation
We have experiences working with the following international codes:
  • ASME
  • DIN EN
  • BS
  • AD/TRD
  • GB/T16507
  • IBR
  • IPS-G-ME-180
  • GOST
  • METI
  • JIS
  • Australian Standards
  • Germanischer Lloyd
  • Det Norske Veritas
  • ABS

Our services include expert reports on plant analysis and optimisation, plant upgrades and revamps, fouling, flow optimisation, strength analysis, as well as detail engineering. We cover standard designs for oil and gas-fired boilers to very specialised tasks, such as creating designs for chemical heaters and solar thermal energy plants, and collaborate with plant owners, project developers, engineering companies, EPCs, and OEMs.

Due to its extensive international network, ERK has expertise with many codes and standards worldwide and understands the differences between them and the cost implications involved. Our boilers comply with all relevant codes and standards.


Cycle optimisation

In addition to boiler related engineering services ERK can provide design solutions for complex industrial processes.
ERK energy systems offers a broad range of specialised engineering services.

Flow simulation

  • Computational fluid dynamics calculations
  • Flow & combustion simulations
  • Analysis for slagging and fouling

Water circulation

  • Flow calculations for new mono & two-drum boilers as well as all natural & forced circulation systems
  • Analysis of existing units to increase output or avoid water circulation induced problems

Strength analysis

  • Strength calculations for pressure vessels in
    accordance with applicable codes and standards
  • Structural strength analysis e.g. wind & earthquake resistance
  • FEM calculations
  • Internal pressure calculations

Measurement services

  • Process monitoring
  • System optimisation
  • Distribution of flue gas temperature & velocity
  • Membrane wall temperatures
  • Water velocities

Thermal calculation

  • Calculation of new boiler/heater projects as well as all
    natural & forced circulation systems
  • Review of modifications, up-scaling, revamping &
    fuel conversions

Design for manufacture & assembly

  • Design for lowest manufacturing, transport &
    installation costs
  • Optimisation of module dimensions & weights
  • Maximisation of pre-fabrication options

Expert reports

  • Damage reports & root-cause analysis
  • Plant and component assessments & optimisation
  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • Comparative evaluation of commercial and
    technological viability
  • Lifetime expansion assessment and upgrade
  • Plant availability improvements
  • Analysis of corrosion & fouling in boiler systems
  • Expertise and mediation in legal disputes

System & retail design

  • Detail engineering for boilers & thermal equipment
  • Rankine & Brayton cycle design
  • Development of standardised boiler/heater designs
  • Assembly schedules & supervision