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More than seven decades of ERK Boiler implementation and 6,100 installed boiler systems worldwide demonstrate the unique benefits of the ERK design and our ongoing desire to improve and innovate.

Our services cover the provision of ERK water tube boilers, fire tube boilers, firing systems, heat exchangers and engineering services in industrial and power plants. On request, we can provide moredetailed references and even organise site visits to allow you to experience our high-quality work first-hand.

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The ERK (corner tube) Boiler is a modern, natural-circulation water tube boiler. The main characteristics are a very active water circulation, rapid load change capability, light-weight construction and self-supporting structure.

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Our key advantages of the ERK system explained to you.
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1 Drum

2 Return pipes

3 Headers 

4 Evaporator tubes

5 Mixture pipes 

6 Overflow pipes

7 Steam to process or superheater
  • Self-supporting mono-drum design
  • Quick start-up and rapid response
  • High load variation speeds
  • High pressure variation speeds
  • High level of steam purity
  • Custom designs & adjustments to available footprint
  • Adaptable to all types of combustion system
  • Low maintenance and high reliability
  • Fuel Flexibility
Overview of our five main boiler-systems.

Corner Tube Boilers

The ERK (corner tube) Boiler is a modern, natural-circulation, single drum water tube boiler. The main characteristics are a very active water circulation, rapid load change capability, light-weight construction and self-supporting structure.

Fire Tube Boilers

Fire tube boilers are the backbone of low pressure steam and hot water applications. The flue gases pass through the furnace and various smoke tubes. Typically, such boilers provide saturated steam or hot water. However, superheated steam supply is possible. With ERK Tubes such boilers can be very compact and low cost.

Bi-drum Boilers

Bi-drum boilers are well-known and widely established systems. Typically, operating in natural circulation to provide saturated or superheated steam. ERK does provide bi-drum boiler designs but has adapted the standard version with an advanced water circulation to improve operational performance and reliability.

Special Boilers

Some applications require special boiler or heater systems. ERK has designed many special boilers and heater to meet particular demands, such as heating of chemicals or simultaneous supply of steam and hot water. Special systems can be designed in natural or forced circulation, with multiple fuels, and for multiple working fluids.

Marine Boilers

Marine boilers have to cope with the various ship movements without losing operational performance. ERK marine boilers are ideal for such applications as the design is self-supporting and has a very stable water circulation. The natural water circulation minimises auxiliary power consumption. 


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