Certificate of Cooperation

License Agreement between

ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH and Daboo Sanat Co.

For the Year 2024

It is certified that Daboo Sanat Co. with its registered office in East Sarv No.17, Tehran, Saadat Abad has signed a license agreement with ERK® as follows

- Licensed Technology(ies)

  • ERK® Boiler Systems including Eckrohrkessel / corner tube boiler and Other Kind Of Industrial Boiler.

- Territory

Exclusive territoryNone
Non-Exclusive territoryWorldwide

Daboo Sanat Co. is ERK's official licensee and has the right and license for manufacturing, procurement, erection, commissioning and maintenance of the licensed product as per contract.

This certificate is generally only valid as an online certificate on the website of ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH, www.erk-systems.com.

Please take into account that certificates in letter form are no longer valid as of November 2021.

Director Professor Udo Hellwig, PhD Engineering

Date 01.01.2024