CSP hybrid project

15. May 2016

ERK is already active in the concentrating solar power (CSP) business and we are glad to inform you about our cooperation with Industrial Solar on solar process heating and cooling. Industrial Solar is the world leader in Fresnel type solar fields for process heat with a track record of more than 13 reference plants worldwide.

Our technologies align very nicely from a technical perspective, such as working fluids, temperature and pressure, and a market perspective as both of us focus on industrial applications, such as food processing, manufacturing and energy efficiency. With ERK and Industrial Solar competencies a solar field can be integrated without process heat supply interruption to the client as the ERK boiler can compensate solar field load changes very rapidly. ERK has detailed expertise with CSP hybrids through our project team and a PhD candidature in this area.

ERK and Industrial Solar are already developing a few projects worldwide but we are interested in further greenfield and retrofit opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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