ERK ranked among top boiler technology providers worldwide

28. September 2016

According to recent analysis by McCoy Power Reports ERK ranks among the top boiler technology providers worldwide with a 4.7% global market share from 2006 to 2015. ERK achieved 8th place for fossil fuel, 5th place for waste to energy, and 3rd place for biomass and bubbling fluidised bed boilers. Off all companies in the top 10 ERK is the only one working exclusively with license agreements. Ranking high in low carbon and renewable energy boiler systems is very important to ERK and a goal we are actively pursuing with our energy transition strategy. We are therefore excited to see that we rank very well in these two categories. Based on these results we will continue to improve the efficiency of biomass, waste and fossil fuel fired boilers to strengthen our market position and reduce the impact on the environment.

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