ERK strengthens its position in the fluidised bed market

12. December 2015

Fluidised bed firing systems are becoming increasingly common for the thermal use of coal, biomass, some waste materials and multi-fuels, and ERK is strengthening its position in this market with another patent. ERK was among the pioneers with the first fluidised bed boiler being installed in 1959. Throughout the last decades ERK continued to design fluidised bed boilers and in recent years increased activities in this field resulting in 50 global references with steam capacities ranging from 6-90 t/h (bubbling and circulating systems).

Fluidised bed boilers have various technical benefits, such as high combustion efficiency, low NOx and SO2 emissions. Particular benefits of fluidised bed designs available through the ERK licensee group include fuel flexibility and very low part-loads.

In addition to these technical benefits the multi-fuel capabilities allow the flexible use of multiple fuels (cost and availability) in a single boiler which supports the transition to a low carbon energy future. Boilers designed and installed today can still be operational in 2050 when the global energy mix is likely to be quite different to todays. Efficient multi-fuel boiler can support the energy transition by using currently low cost fuels and alternatives fuels when fossil fuel prices increase or carbon emission constraints are introduced more widely.

ERK has fluidised bed boilers operating successfully on a fuel mixtures of coal, wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, and tyres for almost 20 years. These mature units are continuously complemented by newer plants, such as our recent reference in the Czech Republic using coal and wood.

Currently, we are working on various new fluidised bed projects with our licensees and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our expertise.

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